• date_range gesture How to write first Bash Script

    Writing Bash Script is a good habit for a developer. If you want to be an ethical hacker then you must love script writing.

  • date_range gesture Introduction to GIT

    Hey!! Nice to meet you. !! How are you buddy? I hope you are fine !! So lets start When I heard the word “GIT”, I didn’t expect the power of it. After using more than 1 year I realize that it’s quite good and I am loving it. If you are an open source contributor or want to be then you must know about GIT.

  • date_range gesture D3.js Introduction

    Whola !!! If you don't know about d3js you should kill yourself... :anguished::gun: Just kidding...When i was in second year of my graduation, i have applied for virtual internship in a company through Internshala and that company was offering 40000-50000 INR. per month and I surprised how? because it was beyond the limit. But when I saw the work that was to build dashboards, analytics UI with d3.js that was my first time to know about d3js. I applied and within a day they gave me a task to complete within a timeline for the further hiring process.